Soft Skills for Worker Owned Cooperatives

REAP is announcing availability of an exciting new sereis of modules just right for a new cooperative just forming or for an adjustment to a current situation in an existing worker owned cooperative. Just imagine having many of the group's enduring or urgent questions answered and problems brought to a halt!

Many of these topics are ones people have encountered in cooperative businesses, but really didn't have anyone to turn to except other really busy cooperatives. Now you can set a goal of turning the corner on sticky situations where people didn't know how to handle a tough problem or foresee one coming. Just picture a peaceful discussion among trusted allies inside a cooperative and also with suppliers and the community at large. 

Anything can go wrong despite the best of intentions, and this course of 17 modules picks up where other cooperatives training has traditionally left off. Please use existing training on websites developed to help cooperatives, and then see that what REAP has to offer is different than many of the good topics covered by others. 

We offer this course at a nominal fee to nonprofits who are either dedicated to supporting cooperatives formation (incubators) or nonprofits whose desire it is to give monetary support in the form of grants or loans to cooperative ventures. We choose to do this for other nonprofits simply because they can help many others in a hurry. Helping individual cooperatives will prevent REAP from moving into yet a different task, that of developing new training courses on:

  • Technical Skills for Worker Owned Cooperatives: those not covered by other organizations
  • Holistic Trade Practices for Small Businesses: for farming and small goods
  • Earth-Centered Trade for Large Scale Manufacturing: trade for all nations, respectful of all

For further information contact REAP through the Contact page on this site or through our Facebook page. We look forward to serving with joy!